A Tour of Raleigh’s Local Breweries

A Tour of Raleigh’s Local Breweries


These days, breweries have become such a staple to a city’s infrastructure that it takes more than just good beer to build a following. Raleigh folks are lucky in that they have a wide variety of unique breweries that serve a bigger purpose than quenching locals thirst. We’re going to tell you all about them below!

Trophy Brewing

Trophy Brewing was one of the first breweries to put Raleigh on the craft brewery map in NC. This quaint brewery is nestled deep in the downtown Raleigh scene. Taking over an old Laundromat building and converting it into a three barrel brewing outfit and pizza palace (they make some of Raleigh’s best pizza), Trophy has an inviting atmosphere that is a convenient walk to and from downtown, kicking your night or weekend activity off in good fashion. Trophy has recently expanded and built a larger facility on the South side of Downtown to increase its output and provide more delicious drinks to the fine people of Raleigh.

Crank Arm Brewery

Don’t confuse this place for a bike shop–Crank Arm Brewery is a different spin on your average brewery. Featuring a brewhouse filled with bike parts and interesting interactive chain systems, this brewery has quickly become a hotspot for Raleigh’s craft beer enthusiasts. The cool thing about Crank Arm, aside from the awesome décor and drinks, is that they are extremely involved in the Raleigh Community, hosting weekly bike rides, yoga classes and more. They also house a rickshaw operation out of the brewery, which offers a safe, and oftentimes fun alternative to taking an Uber or taxi to your next location.

Lynwood Brewing Concern

Not the usual name you’d see tacked on to the end of brewing, but Raleigh is glad and definitely not concerned about LBC. Lynwood Brewing Concern actually started in Lynwood Grill, the forefather of the Concern and popular sports bar further into the Raleigh suburbs. What LBC brings to the downtown Raleigh area is a flat out huge brewing warehouse, complete with everything from cornhole to ski ball. Lynwood’s inviting outdoor field and seating area is a breath of fresh air compared to the usually smaller destinations closer to downtown. And while it’s still a newer location and getting set up for larger output, Raleigh is happy that LBC is around.

Neuse River Brewing Co

The cool thing about Neuse River Brewing Co is that it’s a neighborhood brewery, meaning it is literally in the middle of a neighborhood. Five Points, to be exact. While other craft breweries benefit from a downtown location and street traffic, Neuse River boasts extremely busy weekend days from drinkers and doers right in its own backyard. Most don’t know that Neuse River exists, but word is quickly spreading about this “hidden” Five Points location, evident by the apparent party they throw every Saturday, complete with food trucks and outdoor games. What would usually doom most businesses only adds to the uniqueness of Neuse River Brewing Co.