Increasing Medication Adherence with SureMed

Increasing Medication Adherence with SureMed

In the United States, over 32 million Americans are being treated with five or more chronic medications. The main problem with this is that 1.5 billion of these prescriptions are not taken properly. This results in many general hospital admissions, people entering nursing homes, and frequent physician visits. Unfortunately, it also results in 120,000 avoidable deaths (New England Healthcare Institute).

Many have poor medication adherence due to forgetting to take their medication, doubling their doses, or confusion between medications and what to take when. Pill cases can be helpful, but can be time consuming and stressful. Also, once they are in a pill case, it can be confusing to figure out which medication is in each pocket if you have any mid-week changes to your treatment plan.

A federal study of adherence to medications in the elderly demonstrated that blister packaging, as part of a comprehensive pharmacy care program has significant impact on adherence and health outcomes (FAME). With our new packaging system, medications are organized by our pharmacists into blister cards that display exactly what time of day and which medication to take. No worrying or guessing if medications were taken. Our newest blister pack, SureMed, provides: 

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  • Immediate visual verification of missed doses
  • Packaged design to keep patients on schedule
  • Easy-to-open blisters
  • Flexible and portable packaging
  • Printed full color drug images and prescription doses



According to a University of Toledo study, patients confidence in taking their medications increased from 7% to 93% when using blister cards. With SureMed packaging, we can improve patient quality of life and quality of care through increasing medication adherence. To learn more about SureMed packaging, see the testimonials in the videos below. According to one of the testimonials, “it is the best invention since sliced bread!”

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