Full-Service Pharmacy coming to Glenwood South

Full-Service Pharmacy coming to Glenwood South

Finding a new pharmacy or a pharmacy to meet your needs can be a daunting task. These days, customers are looking for more than just a store with products in it. They are looking for a place they can invest in both emotionally and, of course, monetarily. Enter Glenwood South Pharmacy and Market. Come Friday, September 2nd, Glenwood South and the surrounding Raleigh community will finally have a full-service pharmacy to meet the growing needs of residents.

Glenwood South Pharmacy and Market will be a great place not just for customers to stock up on all health and beauty aids, but it will be a one-stop shop to equip themselves with the tools and expertise to live full, healthy lives.

Are you looking to supplement your healthy lifestyle or get on the right track with vitamins? Well, guess what? Glenwood South Pharmacy and Market has a wide variety of healthy vitamins and supplements for you to start, continue and end your day with.

These days, people are less likely to go to the doctor. While doctors do provide a great service, a lot of what you get there–like immunizations, for example–can be provided to you by a well equipped full-service pharmacy. Immunizations are an extremely important protection against dangerous diseases and viruses floating around your community. Glenwood South Pharmacy and Market is happy to supply customers with this service and much more.

Mark your calendars now, because on Friday, September 2nd, Raleigh is going to get a little healthier and a lot happier!