Glenwood South Events

January 2017:

1/3 Trivia (Hibernian Pub) 8:00pm
1/2 Bingo (Hibernian Pub) 8:00pm
1/3 Trivia (Carolina Ale House) 8:00pm
1/4 Thursday Night Cookouts Taco Edition (Alchemy) 8:00pm
1/4 Magician Shaun Jay (Carolina Ale House) 7:00pm
1/5 First Friday 2018 (The Link Apartments) 5:30pm
1/9 Board Game Night (The Stag’s Head) 7:00pm
1/9 Bingo (Hibernian Pub) 8:00pm
1/13 Hogtop Charlotte 2018 Blues Blast (The Stag’s Head) 8:00pm
1/16 Bingo (Hibernian Pub) 8:00pm
1/18 Magician Shaun Jay (Carolina Ale House) 7:00pm
1/23 Bingo (Hibernian Pub) 8:00pm
1/27 The Golden Ball (Raleigh Beer Garden) 8:00pm
1/30 Bingo (Hibernian Pub) 8:00pm


Event Suggestion:

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