Eating Healthy Isn’t That Hard

Eating Healthy Isn’t That Hard

A lot of people decide to start a diet and then actually look at what they can and can’t eat and almost immediately give up. Have you found yourself in that position? Well don’t fret, it’s easier than you think! Don’t look at healthy food as a chore, look at it as an adventure that you are just setting out on. Eating healthy doesn’t always mean cooking complex meals and buying expensive organic produce (although that doesn’t hurt), it just means taking a closer look at what you’re putting in your body. A quick way to start eating better starts at the grocery store.

Skip Processed Foods

When you go to the grocery store we always want to venture down that ice cream aisle a few times, unfortunately ice cream is bad for us. One solid tip is to stick to the outer ring at the grocery store. So imagine the grocery store is a circular race track, you just want to stick to the outside and soon you’ll be taking a victory lap (maybe in the ice cream aisle – everyone needs a cheat day). The reason for this is all of the healthy non-processed foods are on the outer ring of the grocery store like fruits, vegetables, meats and more. Using this method will get you set up with a healthy heaping of good eats.

Fruits & Veggies Are Key

If you follow the first step and stick to the outside at the grocery store then your kitchen and pantry will probably be stocked with some solid fruits and veggies. The best thing about fruits and veggies is most can be eaten with little to no cooking involved, and even if cooking is required there are fun, creative recipes that can be accomplished with minimal chef skills.

The Grain Game

Carbs get a bad rap in the diet community, but that’s because most people are eating the wrong ones. Grains can be an excellent source of nutrition and energy to replace other foods you cut out in your diet, but knowing the right grains helps. Whole grains are where you want to go–consuming whole wheat, oats, rye and couscous are excellent sources to put into any diet. And with the rise in popular superfoods like quinoa and freekeh, grains are back on the menu!

Know Your Fats

A lot of diets try to get you to cut out fat, but what most people don’t realize is fat isn’t all that bad. Just like grains, it takes some knowledge to know which fats are good and which are bad. Luckily, we can help you out! If you’re dieting but still need protein and healthy fats, try cooking things in coconut oil instead of butter. Need a quick snack? Try nuts over chips or a nice slice of avocado with salt or peanut butter and celery to replace the cupcakes. But what about the meats? Don’t worry, fish is a perfect supplement for red meats and a juicy tuna steak can satisfy anyone’s hunger.

Don’t Be Salty. Seriously, Cut It Out

Ever wonder why you’re so thirsty when you eat junk food? It’s probably from the sodium. If you want to get serious about eating healthy the next thing you can do is cut down on your sodium levels. Removing junk foods is a huge step in doing this and replacing soda and energy drinks with water (maybe add some juiced fruit from the grocery store for flavor). Sugars should be treated the same way, as processed sugars can and will negatively affect your health, but if you can replace them with healthy snacks then you’ll be on the road to eating healthy and living healthier soon enough.

Glenwood South Pharmacy and Market is excited to supply its community with locally sourced fruits, vegetables, grains and more healthy foods to help all eat healthier and feel great.