A Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacy Taking Care of Their Own

A Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacy Taking Care of Their Own

Personalized service and flexibility are two of the many benefits of using an independent pharmacy. Compared to chain pharmacies, independent pharmacies can make adjustments faster and better service patients’ needs.

It’s not just the pharmacy – but the people that work there that provide these services. You can often see pharmacists Tony and Robin running around behind the pharmacy counter attempting to fill prescriptions as fast as possible, making special orders to make sure that they have whatever the patient requests (within reason), answering the main phone line, and quickly making adjustments to improve their efficiency. They truly create and improve services to help and benefit others. A friendly neighborhood pharmacy taking care of their own.

Glenwood South Pharmacy + Market serves the community in more ways than one. Open a little over a year, they currently deliver prescriptions to over 100 people in Wake County. Tony and Robin found a need for free prescription delivery and quickly responded by bringing on two drivers. They found that some of their patients do not have easy access to transportation to get other items and expanded their service to free delivery of store items with any prescription. Most recently, they found a need to order prescriptions online and added an online and mobile refill app for pickup and delivery. If there’s a need, an independent pharmacy can respond quickly to meet it.


Their delivery drivers, Josh and Eric, are some of the happiest people. It’s true when they say happy employees provide the best customer service. They have formed long term relationships with the people that they deliver to because of their winning personalities and service to these people. Their friendly faces and kind manner make this easy. They have delivered through harsh rain and snow to make sure that patients receive their medications on time. They aren’t just drivers, they go above and beyond their job descriptions. For some, Eric and Josh are the only people they may see all day. They are more than a delivery service, but provide wellness checks, help with small tasks, advocate for them, and much, much more.


Their visits go beyond single family homes. They visit care homes almost every day. They are known by name and welcomed in by the groups that live there. Josh and Eric come back to the pharmacy with suggestions on how to better Glenwood South Pharmacy. They truly treat patients kindly and service their needs. They even deliver to a few animals!

In a time where people are interacting more through online platforms than in person, Glenwood South Pharmacy + Market provides the best of both worlds. Use the online form or mobile app to have your prescription ready for pickup or call Tony or Robin for your prescriptions and have Josh or Eric stop by for a visit.


Free prescription delivery is for weekdays only. Delivery can be to home, office, medical facility – or anywhere in Wake County! We come to you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any and all questions.